Use podcast With Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Podcasting has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years and can be considered a great idea to include in your digital marketing strategy

A podcast is a digital audio file made into a series that can be listened by users and subscribers. It can be focused on topics like technology, fashion, business, self development or any anything else. They are available on a variety of platforms and directories like iOS, android, windows, Linux, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Here are the reasons to add Podcasts to your Digital Marketing Strategy:

  1. They are engaging and can be played and listened to while driving, walking or cooking. This allows the users to multitask and save time. People are also more likely to purchase or try a new product if they listen to someone talking or explaining the benefits about it. This can help to capture their interest quickly.
  2. They provide search engine optimisation benefits which means if you have added transcript to your podcast episodes, it will increase the opportunities of people knowing about your work and website whenever the similar keywords are used by them in any search engine.
  3. They are creative unlike radio shows where they are required to follow certain guidelines for their product advertisement and that’s why they can bring out their creative side without any barriers and can be made unique for people to enjoy and benefit from.
  4. They are usually organised around a specific topic that people are keen on knowing, discussing or in trend. This helps the people to make a selection and listen to what they want. They can have stories and experiences which the users can relate with and because it is presented like a conversation, listeners are able to understand the information well and deeply. 
  5. Podcast always sounds fresh and have new set of knowledge available which makes it versatile. It helps to attract new audience and keeps the content interesting. When any brand adds a podcast to the available platforms it can help you reach your target audience and increase the brand visibility. Not everyone is on social media or watches TV, this will also ensure that you are reaching them as well.

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