Why Is Personal Branding Important

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Personal branding is the marketing of people and their career as a brand. It is essential for any business coach or influencer who wants to share their story. As an influencer, or expert one needs to create a niche. With personal branding, one can increase the social media following, which will help with business sales and create better opportunities in their career. When influencers gain trust and credibility companies partner with them to increase brand awareness. 


  1. Be Authentic: Everyone has their quirk. This quirkiness is what makes them stand out. Celebrate the difference and be your true self.
  2. Blogging for personal branding: There are two ways to approach blogging for personal branding. The one is to blog and create a niche for yourself or be a guest blogger for top blogs with the same calling. 
  3. Provide value: Influencer creates value and makes the customer feel that they have learned something valuable even before buying the product.
  4. Step out of the spotlight: Fame has its downside. So it’s good to step out of the limelight for some time to build the brand.
  5. Be consistent: Be consistent on all social media across every platform.
  6. Network: The more you interact with people, the more your network increases, which may help down the road for future projects.
  7. Be a creator: If you create some content then you should invest in it, otherwise, it is a waste of money.
  8. Be an expert: One always needs to have an area of expertise. It is better to build your brand around your own area of expertise.
  9. Amplify yourself: Being authentic is important and amplification is the second step.
  10. Be social: It is important to humanize your brand. One should interact with followers on social media.

QR codes have their place in personal branding. It can be used in various ways like pulling up exclusive content or redirecting people to the website. QR code helps reviewers reach the LinkedIn profile of the influencer. One should include QR codes on business cards and name tags. In online presentation, it guides the audience to polls so that they can open them on their phones.

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