Curated Coffee, Baristas & Love For Adelaide City

Curated coffee app for niche cafe and baristas

What if you could order customized coffee, perfected to your liking, at the click of a button, without you having to visit the coffee shop itself? Surprised? Read ahead….

That is exactly what #Gfixi does-brings the best cafes and baristas in Adelaide city to its coffee loving crowd. We created the perfect means to curate a coffee ordering menu that suit the needs of all. There is an undeniable craze for coffee in #Adelaidecity. Australia is one of the largest consumers of coffee in the world. Indeed, while we don’t produce our own, we consume it with fun.

What Is A Curated Coffee App

#Gfixi landed up designing something that brings the customer closer to the best cafes in #adelaidecity. Now, customizing a coffee is as simple as booking a table at your favorite restaurant

Who Needs A Curated App

All small running niche coffee shop owners or café would love to find an affordable way to get back business. With Covid-19 dipping the sales and sit-in crowd, you would rather get your sales up than pay huge money in advertising and publicity of your services to sell. Owing to the fact that #adelaidecity is full of ardent coffee drinkers, some of the best tasting coffee brews get missed because they are selling something unique. All those who want to get such a target audience would need to tie up with a specialized app. This is where the option of using a curated Coffee app becomes important and necessary for you as a seller.

Is Customization Important?

Everyone wants to feel special; and a personalised coffee gives you that feel. Choosing the body or consistency, froth, flavor, milk or a barista experience is an extremely personal choice. Where else can you get all this on a click of button than of a coffee app that gives you the option of creating your own coffee? In the process, you might just discover a new barista in town after all. Also you get to pay as you go through the app without hassling to stand in a queue. For the best in town, the application is a smart way to offer coupons and freebies to the discerning patrons.