Why Should You Design Your Own Urls

Did you know that short and crisp weblinks get more attention than cumbersome long ones? Here is why….

A short and crisp URL does magic. Longer URL(s) are an eyesore for social media marketing. Let’s not forget that social media is all about connecting and engaging the client with the product or services. Nowadays, a URL shortener can be easily used as a tool to shorten the URL or reduce the link length so that it is easy to remember. Gfixi provides free url shorteners for this purpose.

Reaching the customer is not easy. Even if you provide high-quality content, there is no guarantee of hits or clicks. With a new and large number of websites sprouting, websites have grown in complexity, and so do their URLs.


Tracking of the link: It provided analytical data on the link clicks and the channels from which they are originating. Before, it was very difficult to check the link’s performance. What the customers liked was all guesswork. With the tracking of the link, the pattern of customer behavior is revealed.

The links look better: A good presentation is important for social media marketing. A longer URL looks boring and clumsy and is very difficult to remember as well. A shorter URL helps in the customization of the URL because it becomes easier to remember. As it is more user-friendly, there is a greater chance of click-through. For example, “an awesome blog about dogs and how awesome they are” can be shortened to “awesome dogs,” which is easier to remember.

Helps in recognizing a brand: Customized URL increases the brand visibility. By using the brand name as a URL, the brand becomes more recognizable 

Save on character count: There are many social media networks which have got a character limitation. So, the long URL is not advisable for such social media sharing. The message gets lost. The URL shortener conveys the same message with very limited characters.

Driving traffic towards your site: The shorter URL is easy to share across many platforms. Many brands have call-to-action tags or pop-ups which help the customer to reach directly to the brand site making it easier for them to buy the products directly and increasing brand awareness.

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