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One may have a fancy restaurant with delicious food, but what is it without its customers? The same can be said about websites with low traffic. One can keep wondering where the visitors are. Reasons for low traffic may be the following:

THE SEO GAME IS WEAK: Google is the best way to get free traffic. The hard part is being found in the top ten. Focusing on the latest SEO trends can help. SEO is important, but one needs to focus on readers first. The content should be such that everyone shares it. One should make updates on a regular basis, improving site speed, optimizing the image.

BAD USER EXPERIENCE: A successful website is created for the user, so if the user experience is not good, it may affect traffic. Things that can lead to a bad user experience:

  • Slow page loading
  • Music and video starting on their own
  • Countless pop-ups
  • No support addresses

NO MOBILE OPTIMIZATION: A website that displays well on a desktop may not do so on a mobile device. If the website is not mobile-friendly, there may be too much scrolling; the text may be difficult to read, and the clicking of the link may be troubling.

OUTDATED INFORMATION:  One needs to update the information from time to time. Search engines like Google index updated pages often, so if the site is not updated, the page may not appear in search.

BROKEN LINK: “Error 404: Page Not Found” can be a nightmare for a website. A link should direct the user to the page. The SERP ranking will decrease if the backlink doesn’t link to the page.

NOT MONITORING OR ANALYSING RESULT: Google Analytics provides all the information on page traffic and what kind of content is most effective. By using such data, one can fix the problem of low traffic. Writing a good article is not enough. One needs to know what kinds of articles are working well, how long people spend on your page, and at what time the visitors are most active.

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