Why Do We Need Mobile Applications?

Today’s customer believes in making quick smart choices. #MobileApps are the best way to service the target audience in real time.

What if you could find plethora of service providers, sorted by region, service rating and book them too, all on the click of a button? Here comes the role of the new service provider- mobile applications.

You live in #SouthAustralia and then in #Adelaide, you will be spoilt for choices. You don’t have time to choose the best barber, best takeaway, best carpenter or a plumber in the vicinity. Chances are you will have to go through four different #websites for these services too. The ordeal could be taxing, time consuming unless you have top recommendations on them already handy.

Data In Your Palm

Mobile Applications like the ones build by #Gfixi in #Adelaide present the perfect platform to give you a smart #socialmedia presence too.  With optimized designing that is attractive to the eye, #Gfixi works hard to make your mobile application user-friendly, that browsing them on any digital screen is fun.

Let’s face it! The mobile phone is your new data retriever. But it does not possibly have the juice or visibility advantage for you to browse through multiple #websites.

So, a #Smartmobileapp saves time and gives you concise information; serves the purpose that cannot be achieved on a laptop or desktop. With a mobile user base hitting the roof, we are wishing for more information on the click of a button, right in our palm.

Do You Possibly Need One?

Most of us are on the move. Therefore, we opt to book appointments, restaurant tables, takeaway, cleaning services, beauty appointments, and maintenance requests, all on the move. We don’t want to waste any time stopping to sit on the laptop or desktop.  Just ensure, you have the access to a well-designed app that will give you all this, in real time.

Smart service providers and users today, prefer to hook up to reliable integrators over standalone #websites.

The Larger Picture

There are many business advantages of investing in a mobile application or hooking up your service on one.

  • Nurture Customer Loyalty: Brand loyalty should continue to evolve as your business does. For that, use of mobile applications, that creates channel of communication with the customer in an organic way. The more a customer shops, the better you can reward him or her. Use this as return on investment for your customer. They feel valued and motivated to come back to your brand.
  • Direct channel to your audience: A #Smartmobileapp will showcase brand information, range of products and services, customer care, etc. An informed customer is a happy one.
  • Customers Stories Speak Back: Today’s mobile applications encourage customer feedback. Nothing works better than two good words of encouragement and appreciation. These reviews when viewed by other customers influence buying preferences. Bad reviews are not (always) a bad thing. At times, they reflect transparency of the brand. They can be dealt by customer service later.
  • Go Beyond Boundaries: Mobile application take your business to the customer that matters, irrespective of their location. A promotional mail or message and push notification- that is all you need to motivate your customers to log in to your application.  
  • Smart Data Collection: Using the #MobileApps, businesses can collect useful data for future promotions and sales. You get customer preferences, product popularity; much faster than any three stores comparative study over a quarter would. Moreover, data like user’s demographics, location and interests too is priceless data that facilitates decisions about product launches in future.

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