Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses Is Important

If you are a small business, don’t fret over huge spending(s) on marketing budgets. Your social media marketing (SMM) can be a tailormade strategy that gives you customer attention and quick conversions on sales.

Today, the internet is the quickest way to get a message across. No wonder, there is a global internet penetration that has changed the way people sell their brands too. Small businesses actually find it easier to sell through smart e-commerce websites too.

This is one reason social media marketing is becoming a preferred mode of communicating with the target audience.  You can choose many online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and so on. The other credible platforms to sell are ofcourse your own website.

So, when you quickly connect to your target audience, you will see your sales going up and an organic brand building happening. Better still, social media unites all demographics offering free and wide access to potential consumers.

Creating and account is almost free for any social media platform. Approximately 61% of small business enterprises are using at least one social media platform for promotion.

If you have someone to do this for you, create a strategy that works for your brand over a period of time, you can be rest assured that your target audience will get a consistent message. Conveying your brand message results in customer retention and builds customer loyalty.

You can use your social media accounts to do many other things too- run promotions and deals, gauge customer service, drive traffic to company website, get feedback, enhanced SEO rankings, and to build community among others.  It helps in creating brand awareness in a cost efficient and quick manner. It helps in building personalized customer service. However, small business enterprises need to accept and adapt to new technologies for their survival in the market. They need to use creative and strategic tactics to influence their target audience. This is where you need a specialist who can customise a cost-effective strategy for you, guaranteed with results. At the end of the day, you only want more traffic to be directed to your website or virtual business, better brand loyalty, and improved consumer satisfaction.

Contact Gfixi to get a personalised package that works well for your unique brand. Write to us at or better still call us on 08-7082-9399.

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