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Quick Response Code or QR Code is the fast-catching trend in e-commerce businesses worldwide. Started in Japan, today, entrepreneurs are making use of QR codes to create an impression and transact with their prospective customers quickly.

What is A QR Code

It is a two-dimensional blackened white square barcode that can store encoded data. This can be used to learn more information about a product like menus in a restaurant, a website or to make and receive payments. QR codes offer more passive and intangible information, such as location data and URLs to promotions and product landing pages.

Advantage of a QR code

Use your mobile phone to scan one anytime, anywhere. It uses your camera or another platform’s application. Reduce paper ad material consumption by providing your customer the same information digitally. It is the quickest way to make a lasting impression. QR codes are being used for product and time tracking, item and document identification, and even for linking content or making payments. Many influencer groups are using QR code generators for quick responses to online campaigns or reviews, to capture real-world opinions.   QR codes are also being used to get customer feedback, without pressing them to divulge personal information. This has become a preferred mode of data gathering and analysis and is welcomed by customers easily.

As an e-commerce company, use logos, emails, or messages to garner feedback from a customer sitting miles away through a QR code. Place one on a ticket so that the customer can amend, cancel or get the payment information about the product or service.

Types of QR codes

There are two main types of QR Codes—the static and the dynamic QR Code. The static one includes the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the destination website within the QR Code, with the objective being to allow for quick payments. The likes of food-delivery services and taxis use static QR Codes for customers to make payments seamlessly with no delays. The dynamic code enhances the experience in a few ways, including making the QR Code editable, allowing merchants more control over the transaction specifics before sending it to the customer, providing more information such as the scanner’s location and the number of people who have scanned the code.

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