Trends You Should Look for In Digital Marketing This 2022

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Over the years, it’s become clear that digital marketing is crucial to business success. The pandemic has changed the digital marketing game. So, the strategies have to change too. These trends are pivotal for new companies to stand out in this competitive world.

Video Marketing: It is the most talked-about trend in digital marketing. The shorter video format is more engaging. The youth of the world are either on TikTok or Instagram. That’s where the business needs to go.

Influencer Marketing: It’s a form of word-of-mouth marketing. These influencers can influence the buying decisions of consumers. As a marketer, the main decision is to choose the right influencer and make them advertise your brand.

Lifestyle Imagery: Selling the story of the product is more important than selling the product. Photos of people enjoying pizza are more engaging than photos of the pizza itself.

Facebook And Metaverse: Facebook is betting big time on metaverse. Metaverse will deal with virtual and augmented reality. This may change our social media experience. But we have to wait and see how it takes shape.

Cause Marketing: Consumers expect brands to be socially responsible. In Cause Marketing, a profitable company collaborates with an NGO for a good and greater cause. A cause marketing campaign should be in accordance with the values of the company and consumer. This will help in building brand trust as well as give a morale boost to the employees.

Less Is More: Too much information can be off-putting and overwhelming for the consumer. With the explosion of digital marketing, too many businesses are spread across too many channels. Smart marketers should focus on doing fewer things better than spreading their wings on too many things.

Micro Moments Are Changing The Rules: Consumer behavior is constantly evolving with the increase in the number of smartphones. The attention span has shortened. According to the study by Microsoft, the attention span has fallen from 12% in 2000 to just 8% now.

Google has divided these micro-moments into:   

I want-to-go moments

I want-to-know moments

I want-to-buy moments

I want-to-do moments

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