Small Businesses Also Need Social Media Strategy

There are over three billion social media users at present and the number is rising each day. An average internet user today makes use of five social media accounts that they are checking almost daily. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that social media should be seen as an important inbound marketing strategy.  1….


Why Is Personal Branding Important

Personal branding is the marketing of people and their career as a brand. It is essential for any business coach or influencer who wants to share their story. As an influencer, or expert one needs to create a niche. With personal branding, one can increase the social media following, which will help with business sales…

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Let’s Focus On Building Online Presence

Today, people spend more than eight hours a day on the internet. Small businesses have now realised how important it is to have an online presence. Here are a few tips that help in improving the presence: USEFUL CONTENT: Content helps to educate a consumer so that they can make a purchasing decision. It can…


How To Boost Website Traffic

Nowadays we swim in the ocean of knowledge and float in the bits and bytes of digital space. It’s easy to write a blog but hard to reach the right audience. We need solid strategies in generating traffic which needs lots of time and hard work. Be it a blogger, digital marketer, or business owner…


4 essential strategies when posting on Social Media

Content sharing for businesses can have a big impact on social media platforms. The market is competitive and social media is used by the majority of the brands to advertise in unique ways. That is why posting content regularly that gets noticed is the key to the growth of your business.  Find a good content…


Should Your Brand Have Its Own App?

Investing in your own service app is a great marketing investment to make which pays off good returns immediately With the appearance and widespread use of smartphones, organizations have exploited the use of smartphones in building mobile applications for marketing and branding of their products and services which is beneficial for both marketers and consumers….


Blogs Converted To Podcast Is Good Marketing Strategy

One way to make sure you’re offering content to your audience in the format they prefer is changing your blogs to podcast….. now uses interesting plug-ins like that actually helps you convert any of your blogs to a podcast. A free plugin like ‘podcast importer’ can be used to link your WordPress site…


Get Quick Response In Your Business

Quick Response Code or QR Code is the fast-catching trend in e-commerce businesses worldwide. Started in Japan, today, entrepreneurs are making use of QR codes to create an impression and transact with their prospective customers quickly. What is A QR Code It is a two-dimensional blackened white square barcode that can store encoded data. This…


Importance of Video in Social Media

Video Marketing Is A Smart Marketing Tool In Popular Use Today…. Video marketing on social media platforms has become the newest trend for companies which are promoting their brands online. Use of video in social media marketing is being widely used by businesses for its growth and for increasing online reach. It builds a connection…


How Cloud Hosting is different from Traditional Hosting

Smart businesses today are shifting to cloud hosting rapidly….. Cloud hosting is an emerging technology that has gained popularity and works well for Information Technology (IT) networks in small, medium, and large-sized enterprises. Cloud hosting provides various benefits to its users. First and foremost, it is cost-effective and scalable, making it more preferable to traditional…